Meet Our Teachers

Stacey Hanf - Children's Mixed Media Instructor
As a child, I loved to create with everything around me.  I loved to build, paint, and draw.   To infuse my love of art with my love of working with children is a dream come true. I began my career teaching children in high school, working at a preschool and teaching science to elementary students.  At University of California, Davis I earned a BA in English Literature and an elementary teaching credential.  My love for art grew as I studied art history and architecture at University of London.  Traveling though Europe allowed me to see original works of art in France and Italy, in addition to London.  At University of Washington I earned a Master’s Degree in education, majoring in teaching English as a Second Language.  I taught kindergarten and elementary ESL for eight years and I am currently in my fifth year teaching preschool.  As an art teacher, I am a guide, using the elements of art design to encourage children to be joyous, creative, expressive, and self-confident as artists in their everyday lives.  My goal is to give children an artistic voice, so they can express themselves through art.


Lila Lindquist - Glass Art Instructor
In 2001, my husband was promoted into a position which required lots of travel.  We had recently moved to Portland and I found myself with extra time and no projects.  I then purchased two mosaic lampshade kits online.  Not included in the kit were the lamp bases.  So, after finishing my lampshades, I went on a search in the Portland area for two lampshade bases.  I ended up at a stained glass studio.  I purchased my bases and signed up for a stained glass class.  For the next year, I took about every class the studio offered in various styles of glass art - fused glass, glass beads, etc.

After that first year as a student,  I started helping out with the classes.  Soon, I was teaching the stained glass classes.  I still teach stained glass classes at that studio but now I also teach mosaic classes and fused glass classes through the Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Center, Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, and at Art Frenzy in St. Helens.  Come join the fun.  Glass Art is addicting.

Jessica Keller - Drawing, Sewing, Pottery, & Mixed Media Instructor
Art has been my passion in life since I was small.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not creating or thinking about how to create something.  Whether it is drawing, painting, beading, taking photos, sewing, or playing in the mud on the pottery wheel, I’m always up to something.  I enjoy art too much to limit myself to one area of expertise.  For this reason, I have had the privilege of being introduced to others as a potter, a fabric artist, a muralist, photographer, painter, jewelry artist, prop designer, and craft teacher.   
I am a local girl born and raised.  I grew up and went to school in Rainier. Starting out school a Goble Elementary, my favorite time of the day was craft time.  My 1st grade teacher was an amazing artist.  This was wonderful for me, because she incorporated art into every subject.  Throughout middle school and high school, art and music were my favorite subjects and the art instructors were my favorite teachers.  My senior year of high school, our only art instructor was cut.  Therefore, knowing art was an integral part of my future, I spent my senior year attending Lower Columbia College (LCC) taking every art class I possibly could.  While at LCC, I started taking pottery.  Unlike other classes, pottery did not come easy to me, it challenged me.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  
After graduating with my two year, I attended George Fox University with an art scholarship.  I graduated with a BA majoring in studio arts in 2008.  Since then, I’ve been continuing with pottery, delving into the wonderful world of fabric, and heading up our church’s yearly Vacation Bible School.  I am excited to have this opportunity to give back and share my passion for art with the community.